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Wallpaper: October’s Moons

I’ve got another wallpaper for you but before we get to that I wanted to let you know that I asked my tech master to create us a gallery of your art here on the Geometer’s Circle.

It’s pretty awesome to see all your work together.

I’d like to add some testimonials too.

So if you’ve found any of my content useful, can you do me a massive favour and write a little something about your experience?

I’ll give you a free gift for your time.

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Ok, here’s the wallpaper…

Click here for the desktop wallpaper.
Or here for the device wallpaper.

And here are some things to look out for in the sky this month:

October 8,9 – Draconids Meteor Shower.
October 14 – New Moon.
October 14 – Annular Solar Eclipse (Americas).
October 20,21 – Orionids Meteor Shower.
October 28 – Full Moon, Partial Lunar Eclipse.

Thanks for all your support.

– Zak